Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sound and Fury

I just finished a docurama about how a device called cochlear implant is viewed within a family. is quite amazing to me. One brother talks about the deaf colture as if his child has an implant than his coulture will be devistated? I don't understand this point of view. The older child in the movie asked many time to hear. She mentioned the things that she wanted to hear. The tecnology is there for her to hear. But her parents were afraid that she would miss out on there way of life??? I sence that there fear is greater than a coulture... its fear for there child in a world that they don't understand For me there is one person, 50 year old women who never heard, and got the implant. Basicaly she said that if the tecnology is available than do it. She was full of life, not afraid! She said that she would stand on her head if that is what it took to understand what other people where saying! She was at 50 so much more full of life. If you haven't signed up for Netflix now is a good time (if you like movies) and check this move out.

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