Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Love how my younger daughter plays with Photo Booth...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Second Life...on line Sims +++++

Have you been to "Second Life" It is quite amazing place. Growing by leaps and bounds and taken more seriously than the internet was 10 years ago by big business. A few already have "presents" in the "virtual world". Can you imagine a job where you get to interact on line in a "virtual world". This is being covered by ~The Econonmist ~BBC ~NPR Where this "virtual world" will go is up in the air. But Big and small business will be there. http://secondlife.com/

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sound and Fury

I just finished a docurama about how a device called cochlear implant is viewed within a family. is quite amazing to me. One brother talks about the deaf colture as if his child has an implant than his coulture will be devistated? I don't understand this point of view. The older child in the movie asked many time to hear. She mentioned the things that she wanted to hear. The tecnology is there for her to hear. But her parents were afraid that she would miss out on there way of life??? I sence that there fear is greater than a coulture... its fear for there child in a world that they don't understand For me there is one person, 50 year old women who never heard, and got the implant. Basicaly she said that if the tecnology is available than do it. She was full of life, not afraid! She said that she would stand on her head if that is what it took to understand what other people where saying! She was at 50 so much more full of life. If you haven't signed up for Netflix now is a good time (if you like movies) and check this move out.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Free Lift Tickets To Sugar Bowl!

We have a cabin in Tahoe. The offer is simple. Stay Sun-Thur and get a free lift ticket to Sugar Bowl. This is non-holiday 2007 ski season. If you are intrested let me know. Thanks Cathie
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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Story That Will Fill Your Heart With Wonder

This is a story about a couple who were trying to have children. But wait its sooooo much more than that. This is a story of LOVE!!!! But wait its soooo much more than that. This is a story of one persons ability to GIVE! But wait its soooo much more than that. This is a story that will bring tears of JOY! Check out the link and see what I am talking about.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

off set all the co2 from driving ++++

We have all heard of big corperations being able to off set there polution by buying other companys credits of polution. Well if you drive, you also can off set the polution or Consider all the other enrgey items in our day to to lives. We can off set them via NativeEnergy. They "Bring New Renewables to Market" via wind I did my caculations and came up with 12958 lbs. 6.48 tons I can off set my co2 cost with $12 per ton. Check out what your co2 cost are on the websight above.